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I have been treated with Neurofeedback for 40 sessions now for my ADD and I no longer need my medication. I passed all my courses and I have never been happier.. Thank you Dr. Faraone-Ledgard 


It has taken me several years and several doctors and several methods of treatment for my depression, anxiety and pain. Let me tell you that Neurofeedback has been my savor. I have never felt better after 30 sessions.


II have been suffering from emotional - binge eating for years.  After using hypnosis and neurofeedback, I have been able to stop my binge - emotional eating by working my my impulsive eating and also have lost weight. Thank You Dr Norma


My son has been working with NeuroFeeback for 5 months now and he has gone from being extremely behaviorally uncontrollabe to sitting at the dinner table and enjoying a wonderful family meal. His attention and focus has improved not only at home but at school.  His teachers cannot believe the difference, and we cannot be more greatful.


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