What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is  sometimes known as EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy.  It is a type of therapeutic treatment for your brain.  It treats  dys-regulated brain waves that are associated with many medical and behavioral conditions.  Some Medical conditions  that Neurofeedback Training has been documented to help are  Addictions,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  Dementia, Migraine,  Chronic Pain, Sleep Disorders, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and so much more .  Some Behavioral conditions Neurofeedback have been documented to help  are  ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Attachment Disorder, Cognitive Decline in Elderly,  Depression, Eating Disorders,  Learning Disabilities, Relaxation, Stress, Tourette"s Syndrome/Tics, and Teeth grinding (Bruxism).  Though, there are many more medial and behaivoral conditions as well; too numerous to mention. 

During Neurofeedback, you learn to train your brainwaves to correct the dys-funtion activity. By doing Neurofeedback weekly,  daily improvements with overall increased  functioning; has been documented . As you continue to train your brain and re-regulate your dys-functional brain waves, you contiue to get stronger and stronger. 

There has been plenty of research documented on the use of Neurofeedback and its benefits,  and you can explore the internet to find many correlated artilces of your interest.

How is Neurofeedback performed?

I use BioGraph software system with dual monitors. Sensors are placed on the scalp and ears to record the activity of the barin waves.  These brain waves are converted into signals that are used to set protocals for the Neurofeedback training. Thresholds are set for the brain waves to achieve, thus conducting the training. Usually a person completes 10 to 40 sessions (or more) depending upon the medical or behavioral condition.