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NeuroFeedback Continued.........

How Effective is Neurofeedback?

Clinical research shows that Neurofeedback training has an 85% success rate in reducing symptoms of ADD.

According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiartry, "Neurofeedback meets criteria for Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of several disorders, and suggests that the Neurofeedback always should be considered as an intervention." 

According to Daniel Amen, MD, author of Change your Brain, Change your Life: "In my expereince with EEG Biofeedback and ADD, many people are able to improve their reading skills and decrease their need for medication.  Also, EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) has helped to decrease impulsivity and aggressiveness. It is a powerful tool, in part, becasue the patient becomes part of the treatment process by taking more control over his own physiological processes." (pp. 143-144).

How Long Does Training Take? 

Initially, sessions occur ferequently, from two or more sessions per week. Session last approximately 45 minutes. Since Neurofeedback is a learning process that involves training, results occur over time.  For some conditions, progress is seen withing 10 sessions, other may take much longer. It really depends upon the issue as to why  you are using Neurofeedback Training, and you can start at age 5.

NeuroFeedback Sensors

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