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Some psycho-educational topics for the group:


*Ego Strengthening

*Fear of failure and fear of success 

*Portion Control during Social Situations

*Emotional Regulation

*Cognitive Restructuring 

*Body Image and Sense of Self 

*Tips of Maintaining weight loss

*Relationship issues and weight loss 

*Social / Media Influences 

*Stress Management Issues 

*Weight Loss Hypnosis Journey and so much more ....


Come learn how to manage your weight . Never give up your quest to get healthy. Come learn how. 


Seeing yourself able to lose the weight you want to lose and to maintain that weight loss. Staying Healthy, Successful and Happy.... with Yourself and Body Image. 

Meeting Times:  Tuesdays - Virtual 

Starting August 2nd.

Morning Session at 9:30 am 

Afternoon Session at 1:00pm

Evening Session at 5:00pm 

ZOOM ID meeting number given when registration is completed 

call me at 401-241-8368 or email me at for details 

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